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Don’t Count Much for Nothing

  Hot licks and rhetoricDon’t count much for nothing – "Throw Back the Little Ones," by Steely Dan (from the album Katy Lied, 1975) Many C++ programmers are familiar with the following macro. It’s used to determine the length of … Continue reading

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Early Outs and Floating-Point Performance

  One of the most fascinating things about Xbox 360 is how it turns traditional floating-point programming on its heels. Consider the CRT function double exp(double x), which returns the exponential of a number (e^x).   On older processors, math … Continue reading

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I used to work with a programmer who loved 3D graphics. He had a mantra which I’ve often repeated: "It’s Just Math." We shortened it to IJM and it became our secret acronym. I used to think the phrase was comedic … Continue reading

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All Cracked Up

I read a fascinating article by Mick West in Game Developer magazine (August 2006). It’s called "A Shattered Reality," and it’s about realism in games. One of the things we often strive for in games is realism. There are scads … Continue reading

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