The Practice of Game Programming, Part III

Last time I wrote that great game programmers know where to find the answers to hard problems. Here’s a quick list of where I go to get game programming answers:
  • Down the hallway. The best answers come from the experts, and I work with a team of game programming gurus that has a lot of good answers.
  • Game Programming books. The Game Programming Gems series has some great stuff. You have to wade through some chaff, true, but there are many practical techniques. In addition to the GP Gems series, Charles River also publishes a large body of work on game programming. On the C++ front, I tend to stick with Addison Wesley texts. Anything by Herb Sutter or Scott Meyers is definitely worth your time.
  • Game Developer magazine. I’ve been reading GD for years. Mick West writes a programmer’s column, The Inner Product, that has solid material.
  • I was an avid reader of C++ Users Journal for years. Although the magazine has unfortunately retired, many (most?) of the articles are still available online.
  • For recent Xbox 360 information, the presentations from Gamefest 2006 are chock-full of console programming goodness.
  • For Windows and DirectX, the DirectX Developers Center is the place to hang out.
When all else fails, I search the web. I’ve tried Windows search. Really, I have. But I still get the best results from Google.
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