Game Developer Conference 2007

I’ll be at GDC again this year. This is my tenth or eleventh year as an attendee and my ninth year as a speaker. My talk is on C++ (naturally), specifically TR1, an extension to the Standard C++ library with some very cool new features that are relevant to game programming. Here’s the abstract:
TR1 is Technical Report 1, a specification of new extensions proposed for the C++ Standard Library. If you’re a game developer, there’s lots of yummy goodness in TR1, including super-fast hashed containers and smart pointers. Once you throw in other tasty morsels like function objects, type traits and random number generation, TR1 is pretty hard to ignore. This talk covers the aspects of TR1 most relevant to game programming, providing examples and performance analysis.
You’ll find me in Room 2007 in the West Hall of the Moscone Center in San Fran on March 7th at 9am (ouch!). Hope to see you there…
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2 Responses to Game Developer Conference 2007

  1. Eddie says:

    Are the slides available for download somewhere?  Would really like to have them.  Thanks

  2. Pete says:

    Slides should be available on shortly — I sent them to the conference organizers early this week. If they don’t show up soon I’ll post them on my own site.

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