Tuning STL in debug mode

I enjoyed another great GDC last week. I must say that San Francisco is a better location than San Jose. There’s so much more to do and so many better places to eat. Here are three that I enjoyed: Maya, Ponzu and Puccini and Pinetti.
I believe this was GDC number eleven or twelve for me, and my ninth as a presenter. I still get that same little thrill about first setting foot in the registration area and looking forward to the days ahead. I’ll cover some of the content from my talk in my next few entries.
For now, just one quick note, based on a question I got after my presentation.
Q: We use STL. While it performs just fine in release mode, debug mode runs abominably slow. Do you know of any way to address this?
A: Assuming you’re using Visual Studio 2005, you can turn certain features of STL debugging on or off. For instance, you can turn off iterator debugging by setting _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING to zero. More info here.
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