That Which We Call a Rose

I’ve worked at Microsoft for over six years. In that time, I’ve always worked on the same team. However, the team has had a number of different names. Recently, we adopted our third name. Here’s the breakdown…
Xbox Advanced Technology Group: The name when I joined, the team consisted of senior engineers helping Xbox developers get the most out of the platform. Mike Abrash was the most famous person on the team, but he was one of many rockstar developers.
Microsoft Game Technology Group: We took on this name when we took on a new role — supporting both Xbox 360 and Windows game developers. By now the team had grown to two dozen engineers, including the industry-renowned front line developer support team.
XNA Developer Connection: Same job, new name. These days I manage the entire team, and what an amazing team it is. We support all Microsoft gaming platforms in ways big and small. XNA has come to encompass everything that Microsoft developers to game developers. That includes technology like XNA Game Studio Express, but it also includes the Xbox 360 XDK, the DirectX SDK, developer support, and events like Gamefest, along with advanced research into new game development techniques in areas like graphics, audio, and LIVE.
For short, the new team name is XDC. What a great job! I’m in XDC.
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