Gamefest 2007 is Coming

Game developers from around the world will be converging in Seattle again this August 13-14, 2007 for Gamefest, Microsoft’s premier conference on game development. This year there are two full days of talks, spread among 9 different tracks and featuring some of the best technical presenters in the world. I’m very involved in Gamefest again this year, and we just have an amazing lineup of talks.
Here are some of the programming presentations that you’re likely to find me checking out this year:
Profiling Tools and Techniques: New Guidelines for Finding Where Your Time is Going. Bruce Dawson is not only an amazing performance engineer, but he loves to share his knowledge, and he gives the best technical talks on the planet. A must-attend.
VMX Optimization: Taking It Up a Level. "Taking It to the Next Level" is the conference theme. If you do Xbox 360 CPU programming and really want to optimize the hell out your game, Ian Lewis’ talk is just what the doctor ordered.
Static Code Analysis on Game Code. Marwan Jubran is one of the true experts at Microsoft when it comes to code analysis. You’ll definitely learn some exciting things about Visual Studio in this talk that will really improve the quality of your game code.
From the Trenches: Xbox 360 Development War Stories. Kutta Srinivasan has worked directly on some of the most killer games on Xbox 360, and his expertise is sure to be informative and useful.
TCR Failures, Taxes, or Death: Which One Can You Prevent? Darin Metzler knows a thing or two about TCRs, having worked in many roles on the certification team, and having a great understanding about game development. Plus he’s one of the most cheerful testers I’ve ever met.
Ndrstndg Prseptul Adyo Cmprshn Scott Selfon and Ian Lewis have come up with the best title of the conference, and one sure to be full of meaty technical audio details, good anecdotes and perhaps a bit of fun, too.
Adding Creamy Nougat and a Crisp Candy Coating to the Network: XRNM and QNet Vance O’Neill is the quintessential network programmer, if there is such a thing. It’s not often you hear directly from the programmer that actually designed and coded the technology — here’s your chance.
The Costs of Managed Code: The Avoidable and the Unavoidable Rico Mariani is a performance expert who’s known not only throughout Microsoft but throughout the whole programming community. A great speaker, too. Even if you’re not writing managed code you’ll learn something interesting.
Windows to Reality: Getting the Most out of Direct3D 10 Graphics in Your Games Shanon Drone understands D3D10 better than just about anybody on the planet, and he’s ported a number of significant game engines to D3D10, so his insight should be particularly relevant.
The full list of talks is posted at and you can register for the conference here: It’s only $450 if you register before July 19th, an amazing value for the quality of the content and the quality of the speakers. See you there!
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