TR1 coming to Visual Studio

I’ve blogged about TR1 before, and spoken about it, too. It’s one of the coolest new C++ libraries. The smart pointers alone are worth their weight in gold. Some good news was recently announced: TR1 is coming to Visual Studio 2008. Here are some details:
  • The TR1 library is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2008, with a beta sometime early in the New Year.
  • The Microsoft TR1 implementation will contain everything described in the TR1 spec except sections 5.2 (mathematical special functions) and 8 (C compatibility).
  • The Visual Studio debugger will be able to visualize TR1 types just like with the STL. Way cool.
  • Mucho optimization work has gone into the implementation to ensure that Visual C++ STL and TR1 play nice. For example, containers of TR1 types will be more efficient because they understand each other’s implementation details.
If you’ve put off looking at TR1 because it’s not provided out of the box with Visual Studio, that excuse will no longer fly. Check it out!
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