Console Programming Recommendations

One of the products I work on is the Xbox 360 Software Development Kit, often called the XDK. We do a really great job in the XDK of providing deep technical APIs, documentation, sample code and white papers that show professional game developers how to get the most out of Xbox 360. For instance, if you need to utilize the Xbox 360 procedural synthesis engine in tandem with predicated tiling for high-definition output, you’ll find that type of detailed information in the XDK.
But sometimes we forget that not everybody has written a console game before. Some developers just need to know the basics.
Shawn Hargreaves, a developer on the team, has written a great paper that really bubbles up some of the core issues faced by any developer who is new to Xbox 360. While the paper was written for developers using XNA Game Studio, it’s applicable for Xbox 360 developers using the XDK as well. The paper talks about great issues like the screen "safe area," handling controllers correctly, and LIVE multiplayer.
Required reading for any new Xbox developer.
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2 Responses to Console Programming Recommendations

  1. andrew says:

    I dont think its fair to give Shawn all the credit… this doc came from more than just one person in the team

  2. Pete says:

    Good point — I found out about the white paper from Shawn, but credit is deserved by all the folks in XNA who contributed.

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