Joe the Game Developer: Game Development for Everyone

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the gaming industry. Independent game developers are finding increasing success. Not only is the quality of independent games improving significantly, but the tools available to independent game developers are becoming nearly as powerful as the tools used by professionals. With the release of Xbox LIVE Community Games, game developers have a brand new way to publish their own titles. Now you can simply and easily get your XNA Game Studio title on Xbox LIVE — and collect real money for it. That’s right: money deposited directly to your bank account.
It’s a pretty exciting time to be a game developer. Are the days of shopping your game concept and demo levels around to potential publishers numbered? Time will tell.
Just as a handful of independent movies have become breakaway hits, there will surely be LIVE community games that see huge success, and there will certainly be community game developers that attract the attention of the big publishers, too. The opportunities are too significant to ignore.
You can read more about how the whole system works by checking out the Xbox LIVE Community Games article at
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