Protecting your Game IP

I travel quite a bit, and I always have my laptop with me. My laptop contains confidential information from work, sensitive source code, and a lot of other important data that’s worth protecting. If you’re working on a game, it’s likely that you access intellectual property about the game (specs, source code, art assets) that the owner would very much like to protect, whether the owner is you or the company you work for.
Here are the things I do to protect my data:
  • Use a strong signin password: at least 12 characters, including punctuation, numbers and mixed case, changed quarterly.
  • Run BitLocker. This "whole disk encryption" program comes with Windows Vista. It encrypts your entire hard drive: page files, temporary files, everything. Once you have it set up, it Just Works.
  • Encrypt important documents or folders. There are lots of programs that will do this. PGP Zip is a good one. Whereas BitLocker protects you should your hard drive be stolen, per-file encryption protects you if somebody gets to your unattended machine. This is especially important for files on USB keys and other storage devices.
  • Always lock the machine if I’m not sitting at it. Just imagine the email that your coworkers might send on your account if they had access to your email system, and this policy quickly becomes an easy habit.

If you and your coworkers follow these easy guidelines, you’ll be protecting your valuable IP.

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