The Magical Interdisciplinary View

I’ve been reading Making Things Happen, by Scott Berkun. Great book.
One section was a revelation to me. It’s called "the magical interdisciplinary view." In the business of making games, there are three perspectives: the business perspective (how does this game make money), the customer perspective (what motivates game players) and the technology perspective (how do we build this game and get it shipped). Scott’s point is that all perspectives are important, and that they overlap. Business considerations have implications to the technical side and customer side, etc. He uses a Venn diagram to show that business, technology and customer each intersect.
As I look back, I can recall times when I’ve been too focused on one viewpoint to the exclusion of the others. The best products are a marriage of the right tech, biz and customer decisions, where each side is balanced and evaluated against the others. That’s why the marketing team needs to understand technology, why the tech team needs to understand the game business, and why everybody needs to understand gaming customer needs and desires. If these teams aren’t talking to each other regularly, you won’t create the next great game.
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