The Reveal

There have been many times in my game development career where I’ve worked on something shrouded in secrecy. In some cases it was games, in some cases game technology, and more recently, game consoles. I’ve been uncomfortably close to an IP leak around Xbox 360, when a confidential white paper with my name on it found its way onto the Internet Surprised. There have also been times when I’ve worked on something confidential, and then had the project cancelled. Even today, there are initiatives I’ve been involved with at Microsoft that, despite no longer in active production, are still utterly secret. Such is life in this industry.
That’s why it’s so nice to finally be able to talk publicly about a project I’ve been working on that Microsoft recently announced at E3. Never mind that the technology is pretty sweet and that the Natal sensor has a good chance of revolutionizing the game industry. What’s really great is that I no longer have to say "if I told you, I’d have to kill you" whenever somebody asks what I’m working on.
There are a slew of videos available showing Natal in action, but I’ll leave you with one of my favorites:
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