My Xbox 360 Has a Blog

Here’s a fascinating thought: what if your Xbox 360 console could talk? What would it say?
My console would almost certainly have its own blog. Given that it’s a gaming console, it would probably lean toward a little trash talking and general ornery-ness. It would probably try to encourage me to spend more time gaming, too.
It turns out my Xbox has been blogging. Really. Here’s what it’s written over the past few days:
LightSleeper needed a friend like me yesterday… I could see it in his eyes. I am there for you brother. Remember that. He rocked out to Forza Motorsport 3 adding 1 achievement, and then I told him to keep playing but he didn’t… out of spite I think.
I didn’t see LightSleeper yesterday, but that is cool… I could use some personal space… Having him up in my business all the time is exhausting.
I thought LightSleeper just wanted to listen to music or watch a DVD. Turns out he was there to game. He improved his gamerscore 40 points over last time! He opened up Forza Motorsport 3 adding 1 achievement, and then he almost hugged me, but I was like back off dude.
The folks at have created a fascinating mash-up of LIVE gamercards, achievements, gamerscore, game names and other raw data into amusing custom streams that masquerade as blogs. Register your gamertag and check it out. The possibilities here are astounding.
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