C++0x Training

There’s a ton of C++ goodness described by the new upcoming C++0x Draft Standard. One measure of this goodness is page count. The current C++ Standard (C++03) is 786 pages. The new draft is 1265 pages! That’s over 60% new Goodness.
You’re probably wondering where to go to find out about the details. It’s one thing to read the draft itself, but it’s quite another to really understand what the changes and additions mean. Fortunately, Scott Meyers has been spending a lot of time learning about C++0x. Recently, he’s made a C++0x overview available, and I encourage you to check it out. It’s not a book, and it’s not a slide show — it’s something in between, available for download as a PDF. It’s easy to read, and I’ve already found it valuable in my own work.
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