What Color are You?

Recently I participated in an event with some of my co-workers called "Insights Discovery." The output of the exercise is a color wheel that shows where you have the strongest personality traits. For the record, my "conscious persona" results were: 83% blue, 79% green, 39% red and 19% yellow. What does that mean? Blues are cautious, precise, deliberate, questioning and formal. Greens are caring, encouraging, sharing, patient and relaxed. Reds are competitive, demanding, determined, strong-willed and purposeful. Yellows are sociable, dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic and persuasive.
My personality is mostly blue and green, so although I’m a logical thinker (good for programmers Smile) I’m also dependable and open-minded.
Another output of this training is a stack of colored blocks. My stack has blue and green on top. Because many people at Microsoft have taken this particular personality assessment, you see these blocks in many offices. It’s quite helpful when you meet someone to know "what color they are" because you can communicate with them more effectively.
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