Git’n Bashed and Objective, See?

At Microsoft, the tools for my daily work included things like C++, PowerShell, and Visual Studio. I also used many internal tools with names like Source Depot and Razzle. And naturally I used the Windows platform.

It’s both a pleasure and challenge to be working with a completely new set of tools as a developer at HBO. Just in the past week alone, I’ve:

  • Programmed in Objective-C
  • Used the Xcode development environment
  • Written bash scripts
  • Managed content with git
  • Issued pull requests on GitHub
  • Configured builds on Jenkins
  • Debugged ARM code on iPad
  • Browsed with Safari and Chrome

About the only tool that is consistent between my current and previous jobs is Outlook.

It’s strange to be a novice at so many things. It’s like going back to school. My productivity is low (though growing), but my satisfaction at learning new things is immense.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.


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One Response to Git’n Bashed and Objective, See?

  1. I agree with you : it’s a whole new world – one that becomes quite difficult to leave when you realize how they help you with your own workflow (though I tend to miss Visual Studio ; I still believe it’s far more powerfull than any other alternative).

    The lesson I learned from my past transition from the Windows world to the linux world : any good editor will do (despite lacking all the features of a grown up IDE) ; the difference is how you setup your build environment ; shell scripting is invaluable (notably for time consuming, repetitive tasks – while sed and awk might be awfull for a newcomer they rapidly show their power when you begin to use them). And it’s a pleasure to be able to write C++11 code without having to check if the needed feature is present 🙂

    The other lesson I learned : linux is still missing some important piece of software that would help to organize my own work (things like a decent alternative to MS Project comes to mind…)

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