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Wicked Little Surprises

  C++ is full of wicked little surprises. Here’s one surprise that I learned about not too long ago.   In C++, the order of destruction is very carefully defined. Objects are "destroyed in the reverse order of the completion … Continue reading

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Less Traffic Less Often

  I manage the Microsoft Game Technology Group. One of the services that our team provides is network reviews of in-progress games (Windows and Xbox 360). We’ve examined a wide variety of game genres and styles over the past few … Continue reading

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Five Fives

  Scott Meyers, author of the Effective C++ series, recently wrote a series of online articles about some of his favorite things about C++. The series has five articles, each with five favorites. In order of publication, they are:   … Continue reading

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Some New Threads in Your Future

  Guess how many times the word "thread" shows up in the C++ Language Standard.   Once.   That’s right. There’s no direct support in the language proper for multithreaded programming. Oh sure, keywords like volatile help programmers write correct … Continue reading

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